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Legal Firm Magna Juris, SC is a firm of lawyers and lawyers with high national and international education, which enriches the talent of the lawyers that form part of it. Since our clients, both national and foreign, trust us because we understand their needs and interests and we take care of giving life to their requirements according to Guatemalan laws.

The law firm of Magna Juris, SC has great ethical values, which are important between the client and the firm, to create a solid and lasting relationship. That is why we treat the client with great respect and professionalism, within a friendly environment with comfortable and elegant facilities, in order to provide a high quality service, under national and international standards. Taking into consideration that the basis of our vision is justice and respect

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Behavioral Standards

The expected general behavior standard of the BUFETE MAGNA JURIS staff is clearly established and constantly monitored.

These standards are established with the requirement to always comply with the relevant laws and to conclude fair commercial agreements and include:

• Professional and technical competence.
• Restriction and maturity.
• Honesty and integrity including professional ethics regarding financial irregularities, incentives, incentives, etc.
• Respect and dignity.
• Discretion and confidentiality.
• Social responsability.

BUFETE MAGNA JURIS, will provide detailed training to ensure that the personnel within it work, understand the standards expected of them, such training will include, without limitation, specific information on anti-corruption, no bribery and human rights.

Quality assurance

All personnel are encouraged to comply with the BUFETE MAGNA JURIS Quality Assurance Program, to comment on it and participate in the process to continuously improve the real and perceived performance within the company, as part of the Quality Management System of BUFFET MAGNA JURIS.

Social Responsibility / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

BUFETE MAGNA JURIS has a very active program of corporate social responsibility and participates in numerous local charities. The main benefactor of the charitable support of BUFETE MAGNA JURIS, is the foundation “San Jerónimo Emilliani” and “Casa del Alfarero”, which provides shelter, health and education to children and adolescents with physical and mental disabilities to try to give them a healthy life and stable. The foundation survives with donations and for this reason we decided to help them by giving them the support they need.

Labor Standards

Quality standards at work are crucial for the development of BUFETE MAGNA JURIS, and the potential of its personnel and professionals that the
conform All are trained constantly, in order to understand the work dynamics and internal respect with co-workers and external respect with customers to ensure a higher level of efficiency and professionalism.

In accordance with these procedures, BUFETE MAGNA JURIS follows the best practices guaranteeing respect to the national legislation and the integrity of the collaborator.

Equal opportunities

BUFETE MAGNA JURIS, recognizes its responsibility in the promotion of equal opportunities and in the fight against discrimination and gender.

Attempting to ensure the full integration of all personnel in their work environment, regardless of their ethnic or social origin, color, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or other distinguishing characteristics.

It seeks that their clients also recognize respect for these values ​​in the working conditions that are available to all staff.

Relationships with customers

Due to the nature of the activities of LEGAL AGENCY MAGNA JURIS, its personnel may obtain information that may be related to privacy or potentially harmful to the interests or reputation of others. Great attention will be paid to the safeguarding and use of that information with the highest standards of confidentiality, unless the fulfillment of the obligation or the needs of justice strictly demand the opposite and this is done by a competent entity and in writing, prior to the respective notification of the client for knowledge of said situation.

Supervision and Compliance

The supervision and administration of all operations of BUFETE MAGNA JURIS is the responsibility of the Administrative Manager of BUFETE MAGNA JURIS, who will be responsible for the execution of this code of conduct and ethics. And execute its fulfillment.

Quality politics

What is bribery?

Bribery includes the following:
• When a financial benefit or any other benefit is offered, given or promised to another person with the intention of causing or rewarding them or another person to perform their responsibilities or duties inappropriately (it does not have to be the person to whom offer the bribe that acted inappropriately); or
• When a financial benefit or other benefit is requested, accepted by another person with the intention of provoking or rewarding another person to perform their responsibilities or duties inappropriately (the person receiving the bribe that acted inappropriately).

It does not matter if the Bribe is:
• Given or received directly or through third parties (such as a person acting on behalf of BUFETE MAGNA JURIS, for example, an agent, vendor, supplier, business partner or intermediary); or
• For the benefit of the recipient or another person.

Bribes can take many forms, for example:
• Money
• Gifts without reason or justification, entertainment or hospitality
• Holidays / Rest
• Unjustified returns or excessive commissions (eg for sellers or marketing agents)
• Unjustified or excessive benefits
• Use of company services or facilities
• Anything else of value

This policy applies to both public and private sectors. Dealing with a particular Public Official creates a great risk so that one can be given in relation to bribery and corruption.
Failure to comply with bribery laws can result in fines for both the company and the employee.

How to identify Bribery?

In most circumstances, common sense will determine when a bribe is being offered. However, here are some questions you can ask if you have questions:

• Are you asking me to pay or provide any other benefits besides the cost of the service provided, for example; excessive commission, ostentatious rule, holidays, or a donation to a charity or political organization?
• Am I being asked for payment for services to someone other than the service provider?
• Are the hospitality or rules I am receiving or giving reasonable and justified?
• Would you be comfortable revealing them?
• When a payment or other benefit is being offered or accepted, is it suspected that it is to induce me or reward favorable treatment, to ignore an impartial decision or to persuade someone to do something that would not be appropriate in their work?

Policy and Procedure

General Prohibition
All forms of bribery and corruption are prohibited. BUFETE MAGNA JURIS will not tolerate acts of bribery or corruption. Any breach of the police or local law may result in disciplinary actions and even dismissal.

A bribe does not have to be finalized – the promise to give a bribe or the acceptance of one is forbidden.

Bribery is prohibited when dealing with anyone in either the private or public sector and the prohibitions in this policy are of general application. However, many countries have specific controls to deal with a Public Official and these policies include special requirements in that situation.

Social responsability
Part of our mission is to support the home of San Jerónimo Emiliani, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing care and
I shelter children who do not have a home. Part of the vision of Bufete Magna Juris.

It is to support with different types of activities during the year as part of our social responsibility and value to the community.

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